Did Zoot Sports Answer Your Questions?

ZootSportsAs you may have read a couple of weeks ago in The Runner’s Vibe, Zoot Sports asked for your training questions so they could have their sponsored pros answer them.  Well, the first answers are now online.

The first three questions are about nutrition, track workouts and road v. tri bikes. They’re answered by pro triathletes Javier Gomez, Ben Hoffman and Kelly Williamson.

Was your question answered?  Find out by clicking here.

The Vibe: Zoot Sports is making an effort at being more interactive with its customers, which is a step The Runner’s Vibe applauds.

Read more articles about running that are about something other than midsole stack heights by clicking our X-Tra link. You might even get a laugh out of some of the articles.  If you’d like to see our main page and see the latest stories about shoes and gear, click here.

Let us know if Zoot athletes answer YOUR question, or post your comments  below. You do have to register, but The Runner’s Vibe doesn’t keep your data, so we don’t give it to anyone else, either.

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