Mizuno Goes Minimalist w/ “EVO”

Mizuno has announced a new zero-drop line of shoes set to hit the streets in January.

In a new video, Mizuno designers explain the basics of the shoe line called the “Wave EVO Collection.”  In the video, you see designers discuss how the company managed to get its successful and effective “wave” technology into a zero-drop shoe for “midfoot” runners.

Men’s Mizuno Wave EVO Levitas. $110USD

They show off two, new brightly-colored models that have “wave” technology in the midfoot of the shoe, rather than the heel. The new modesl are the Levitas and the Cursoris.  In conventional Mizuno running shoes, the wave plate provides cushioning and stability with varying frequencies of waves in the composite plate, which replaces the traditional foam used by most other companies.

Interestingly, the EVO shoes don’t appear to have the see-thru midsole as their conventional running shoes.  It’ll be interesting to see whether the wave technology is a plate, or merely different densities of foam in what appears to be a very thin midsole (looks from the video as though the latter is the case).  Neither the video, nor the company’s Web site, provide details like weight and thickness of the midsole.However, Runningwarehouse.com has measured the midsole at15mm in the Levitas, and 18mm in the Cursoris.

Women’s Mizuno Wave EVO Cursoris. $120USD

The Levitas is a 6.5oz shoe (men’s size 9), and the Cursoris is one ounce heavier.  Both feature an oblique shape to the forefoot to allow the toes to spread out for the type of toe-off typical in zero-drop shoes.

Designers say they were influences by gecko lizards for elements of the shoe, which they say emulates the animal’s stablity. Interesting comments for a shoe that appears not to have “stability” elements and in a category that eschews gizmos that encourage guidance of the foot through the gait cycle.

The shoes hit the market on January 5th, 2013.  They will cost $110 and $120 respectively.



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